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Not many design firms have Brown’s expertise in SCADA, control systems and system integration. Automation is not a sideline for us, but a core specialization, born from our passion for using technology to improve your own core work.

Brown Engineers creates simple, highly adaptable, easily expanded automation that helps government and private institutions, utilities, and heavy industry increase efficiency, productivity, and security.

We design monitoring systems that continuously record data on energy usage, production details, infrastructure performance, environmental conditions, etc. Authorized staff can securely access that live data on their smart devices anytime, anywhere.

  • Premier Integrator for Ignition™ by Inductive Automation™
  • Custom PLC, HMI and Application Programming
  • Radio and Cellular Telemetry
  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Award-Winning Monitoring & Alert Management
  • SCADA Design & Integration
  • Specialized Communication Protocols
  • OEE and Downtime Tracking
In ductive Automation Certiofied Premier Integrator

Case in Point: Hot Springs Grinder Alarm Monitoring

Our SCADA expertise and creative use of emerging technology earned Brown Engineers the 2012 ACEC/Arkansas Grand Conceptor, awarded to the best example of engineering excellence statewide. How’d we do that?

We helped Hot Springs install remote overflow alarm monitoring for 3,000 grinder stations, scattered across steep terrain and lacking any SCADA connectivity.

Traditional SCADA RTU solutions would have cost $45-60 million, but Brown’s innovative repurposing of AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) only cost $1.3 million TOTAL, from concept design to construction closeout, fully integrated. Now, what can Brown Engineers do for you?